How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

It’s that time of the year again when scorching heat pierces through our skin and body and makes our homes some sort of oven. While air conditioners and air coolers can be of some help, there is nothing like that if you can make your home cool with some planning.

Here are some tips.

Keep your windows open

Throw open your windows to allow the natural breeze to enter your house freely. If you keep your window open at the right time, you will be able to enjoy the evening breeze. It will reduce the temperature of the home and make your night more comfortable. Keep all internal doors in the home open in the evening to allow the air to flow freely.

To encourage cross-ventilation, open windows that are on opposite sides. This would ensure cool airflow through your home and push out the warm air. The best times to keep your windows open are between 5.00, and 8.00 am in the mornings and 7.00 and 10.00 pm.

Use appropriate curtains

To get away from the hot summer sun, use cotton curtains in dark colors. Give the curtains a thick lining to avoid fading. Dark green or brown are easy color choices. Keep the curtains drawn during the day to shield your room from sunlight so that it is relatively cooler inside.

For balconies and windows, you can try breathable curtains that are made of bamboo or straw. They offer shade, stop direct sunlight from coming into your house and allow air to come in.

Pack away winter accessories

Summer is not the time for satin or silk bed sheets or faux leather upholstery. Use cotton bed sheets in white or pastel shades. If your furniture’s upholstery is in fabrics other than cotton or linen, get some sofa covers made of cotton. Also, summer is the time to pack away all those winter accessories like carpets, heavy blankets, and throws. Make your space clutter-free by avoiding unwanted furniture to allow good airflow.

Play with plants and lighting

You can place large decorative potted plants near windows. The leaves will absorb most of the heat and give a cooling effect.  There are several lighting options, from LEDs to fluorescent lights. Avoid hot incandescent bulbs and switch off electrical appliances, including the TV, when not in use.

Use heat reflective paints

There are several brands of paints that are designed to help reduce the temperature of roofing material. The heat reflective paints can be used on walls as well as roofs. It can reduce room temperature and acts as a weather coating for your walls. 

Some water tricks Keep a bowl filled with ice in front of your pedestal fan. It will help blow the chill air into the room. You can dip the bottom hem of your curtains in a bucket of water. Switch on the fan so that the water will slowly seep upwards through the fabric, and the breeze will blow coolness into the room.